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Environment Law

The firm with its expertise in Environmental Laws not only provides consultancy to companies and Juridical entities looking to be compliant with Environmental laws. The firm also provides advisory services for securing Environmental Clearances and for conducting Environmental Impact Assessment for existing and Future Investments. The firm also provides support to the companies and other juridical entities for any ensuing litigation in Courts, Environmental Tribunals and  proceedings before the pollution control boards and other central, state and local/Municipal authorities.

Environment laws like Environment Protection Act, Air, Water and Noise pollution control Laws require mandatory compliance by entities investing in India. The firm ensures that the entities setting up their businesses in India are in due compliance before during and after setting up the entity.

With biological diversity, Forest Conservation, Wildlife protection and Pollution Mitigation  being critical to protect the critical natural habitat and resource the firm strives and works actively in participating in environment awareness and Environment protection Litigation.

The recent enactment of National Green Tribunal Act and subsequent setting up of the National Green Tribunal under the law has consolidated the enforcement of Environmental laws in India. With Public Liability laws and Polluter Pays principle as enunciated by the Supreme Court, its is important for the companies and other entities to stay in compliance with all laws and also take appropriate risk mitigation measures to protect the entity.