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Real Estate

Curare Legal has developed requisite expertise in conducting Due-Diligence and Title examination and verification of properties for its clients across India. Comprehensive evaluation, in depth analysis, detailed  examination of the property in coordination with other professionals to provide a comprehensive report to its clients and also assists its clients in gauging the suitability of the investment. The firm examines the local laws, restrictions, regulations, incidents like duty, stamp fees and expenses. The firms also provides consultancy services in approvals, clearances for Real Estate Investment across India. With State/Local/Municipal Laws being in force the firm advises in ensuring compliance to the same. Master plans, Zonal Planes and local plans require in-depth analysis and understanding is provided to its clients.

Since many states provide for regulations and restrictions on sale/leasing and also on permitted/restricted land use, land ceiling, coastal regulated zone land use, restriction around protected monuments, it becomes important to ensure that the entity investing in the state stands in compliance with the same.

Real Estate being a critical sector also has investments through Joint Venture, Foreign Direct Investment and investment in Real Estate sector through Capital generation from Domestic and International market.