Curare Legal conducts Webinar with Amity University

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Curare Legal was proud to be invited by Amity Institute of Forensic Science to deliver a talk on “Brief analysis of proceedings before Criminal Courts in India – Forensic expert’s perspective”.

Curare Legal was represented by Mr. Setu Niket, who is qualified lawyer, legal commentator, public speaker and practitioner of Criminal, Civil and Constitutional law.

Mr. Niket has been retained by law firms as “Of counsel” to appear and represent its clients in matters before Constitutional Courts.

In the webinar, various aspects of Indian Evidence Act were discussed . The seminar began with introduction to the criminal justice system in India and thereafter, the participants were apprised about various stages of a criminal proceeding.

The discussion thereafter focussed on various aspects of Indian Evidence Act, including expert opinion, primary and secondary evidence, method and manner of proving documents, stages of recording evidence and Judge’s power during recording of evidence.

Thereafter, the various stages of conducting evidence, Examination in chief, Cross examination and Re-Examination were explained. The critical aspects of Cross Examination especially focussing on how the scientific experts can effectively participate in the process and the common aspects which are required for the scientific expert to be prepared to face cross examination were highlighted.

The role of the presiding officer in criminal trials and powers conferred on the presiding officer during the course of recording evidence under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 was also elaborated.

The talk ended with Q&A session with the participants.

The webinar can be accessed here.

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