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The Team

The dedicated shipping team with focus on this specialised area is based out of the Mumbai office of the firm. This key team also collaborates with the Insurance, Mergers & Acquisition,Consumer, Dispute Resolution, Regulatory & Public Policy, Labour & Employment, Intellectual Property, Tax Law and other teams across various offices to provide transactional, advisory and litigation services.

Our Practice

The Shipping team of the firm acts in close coordination with Insurance team as well as other key sectors across offices.

The firm advises shipbuilders, bunker suppliers, owners, agents, investors on transactional work such as ship finance, purchase and sale of vessels, building contracts, registration of vessels etc.

The firm also advises on litigation work such as marine casualty matters, litigation and arbitration proceedings, charter parties, the short landing of cargoes, bill of lading, arrest and release of ships, disputes arising from collisions, cargo, crew, charter parties and mortgage in courts, arrest proceedings, cargo claims, enforcement of foreign judgments across India and right upto the Supreme Court of India as well as international commercial disputes and international arbitration.

The firm also advises on Marine Insurance Act and proceeding against insurance companies as well as claims, assignment etc.

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